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Augustinian Statistics

The Augustinian Application for Android and Apple is making an impact on how prayer and communication is shared in the world. The statistics below show current information about its use and interest. As we increase communications about the mobile app more users will find peace knowing that they are only clicks away from connecting with the community.




On Our Way to God

This app is an invitation to journey to God in the company of Saint Augustine who said: “We are travelers together, wherein Christ is our constant companion, as well as our way and our goal.” With prayers, podcasts, music and a shared dialogue, we invite you to embark on our journey together — shaped by the teachings of Saint Augustine and characterized by three essential elements: the constant search for God by means of a deep fulfilling life; the practical love of neighbor; and the constant pursuit of truth.

All our content is free, to be shared with all in the hope it can be a daily calming retreat or an opportunity for you to explore deeper discussion and meaning. We welcome your feedback and questions.




Augustine for Today

Daily Scripture Prayers for 365 days of the year

Prayers of Augustine

Select prayers from the many writings of Augustine

Prayers in the Augustinian Tradition

A variety of prayers that reflect core Augustinian values from

our tradition


Podcasts and Music

An ever-expanding media collection to inform and inspire through word and song


Saints and Blesseds

Profiles of Augustinian men and women whose lives offer encouragement and motivation for the journey


Send a Candle

Extend good wishes and prayers with a personal blessing to a fellow-traveler for a special occasion, achievement, or in a moment of need

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