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Family Videos

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1960 Cronin Family

Start – Beach Wildwood, NJ
(appearances by: grandma, vince, eddie, marge – john’s wife, dick & marie, KIDS – john, michael, gerard, kris (with bathing cap)
2:32 – Vince in Hospital with sister Marie
3:24 – Kris 10th Birthday
4:26 – Christmas Princeton Avenue
6:21 – Billy’s House Christmas (appearances by: theresa & billy, maryanne & kris, vince, grandma, marie, eddie)
9:54 – New Year’s Eve Princeton Avenue (appearances by: maryanne & kris, eddie, theresa & billy, charlie & peggy, bob & francis – friends of theresa & billy, vince, marie, mary & paul, grandma, (ginger, dog), joe & frannie (goggie)
15:12 – African Neptune (cargo ship taking fr. vince to Africa from NYC) (appearances by: vince, betty, mabel – housekeeper at blessed sacrament, marie & dick

1966 Wildwood Crest

House on Topeka Avenue under construction
Ducks and Ginger (dog) backyard of Princeton Avenue

1973 Richie & Robbie

Cub scout parade (Pack 284) and Playland

Richie 21 Birthday

(appearances by: betty & joe, charlie & peggy, ann & nicholas, paul, patty & abe, david, debbie, diana, kris & john, john’s father pappie and wife nana, ski, cassie, jennifer, paul michael, joey, mary & gus, shannon, aj, frannie (goggie)

1988 Christmas Eve

start – Party
(appearances by: john & kris, ski & jessica, waffie, joe & betty, joey, lauren, barbara, tom & kathy, vincey, megan, marie & dick, robbie & richie, paul, goggie & lisa, patty & abe, david, debbie, diana, mary & gus, aj, shannon)
14:15 – Christmas Morning

1989 North Carolina First Visit

Lil Abner

Father Judge High School, staring Rob as Lil Abner

North Carolina Visit 2

1711 Surf Avenue

Working down the Shore

2001 Christmas Village

This was the last year of the annual Christmas Eve party and display on Princeton Avenue of moving people. The original party started in 1963 and lasted for family and friends until 2001 in the same location as the decorations expanded over time.

Mary & Rob Wedding

Kaitlyn Baptism

Jacqueline Baptism

2002 Kaitlyn & Jacqueline

start – Kaitlyn School
1:46 – Halloween
3:24 – Jacqueline 1st Birthday Party (magician)
(appearances by: luke, hanna, debbie, chase & griffin, abe & patty, taylor, mommom v, poppop v, jamie, goggie, nicole & lauren, phillip & kathleen, pammy & will, stan, denise, cassie, jennifer, mommom s)
40:36 – Christmas Morning
1:06:54 – Mommom V Christmas Day
1:12:53 – Sledding Backyard

Kaitlyn & Jacqueline Gym

2004 Our Ranch

Shoshoni, Wyoming (population 649)
120 acres remain of original 1,100 acres that was homesteaded by great grandfather in 1888

Jessica HS Graduation

Shore House N. Wildwood

Ski HS Graduation