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you got the look
As accent’s longest client relationship, Jefferson Methodist Hospital relies on us to brand countless patient programs, from its OB-GYN services to RENEW at Methodist Hospital, which is now part of the Jefferson Pain Center. Yet nothing compares to what the Methodist Hospital Foundation, the Hospital’s fundraising arm, taps us to do and what we do with it.

We brand the Foundation’s annual Fashion Fundraiser, and it’s quickly become one of the largest fundraising fashion shows in Philadelphia. From coordinating catwalk styles to developing the theme to staging the event — all tied together with comprehensive marketing and donor appeals — we produce an iconic celebration that’s the toast of Jefferson Health. In fact, Jefferson Health CEO Stephen K. Klasko, MD, calls it his “favorite event of the year.”


we’ve got your back

When the Jefferson Advanced Spine Center was selected as the fundraiser’s beneficiary, we had a unique take. We found a patient who’d been through spinal surgery and a nurse manager who became the faces of our campaign. Photographing our two real-life stars in their catwalk styles before the show not only brought the tie-in to the next level, it also gave a glimpse of the glamour to come. So what did we do next? We took it up a notch.

We placed full-page ads with our media partner, the South Philly Review. We posted details about the Fundraiser, who the beneficiary helps and its doctors and nurses on the Foundation’s website. We personalized the Fashion Show and put a face on every aspect of it like never before.

Showing it from all sides — the event, the beneficiary, the fashions, the people — skyrocketed employee participation by 35 percent. The buzz became a roar, and the feeling was electric. Rothman Orthopaedic Institute President Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, who performed surgery on Brianna, one of the faces of our campaign, even walked the runway to show his support.

Our executive copy writer spotlighted the lives connected to the beneficiary, from the patient to the nurse manager to the physician, and how they all came together for the cause. It’s no surprise the event marked a high in fundraising support — but we’re always ready to take things even higher.

see us online
accent designed, wrote and built the Methodist Hospital Foundation website and is responsible for maintaining all social media and SEO. To tell the Methodist Hospital story we created an interactive history page. (Launch History) Our timeline of paralleling interesting historic facts with the hospital history was designed to create a one of a kind user experience, using voice over and music.

fire to the fuel
Our original concepts, tag line, copy writing, visuals and social media campaign became the foundation for this towering event, making it one-of-a-kind, even record-setting. We brought together tailored marketing partners from the worlds of fashion, media and wine to create a synergy energy, one that fuels our decade-plus partnership with the Foundation. It’s our formula and our fire that stoke our team’s creative energy that in turn energizes our client relationships.

always fresh
Keeping the public, donors and corporations engaged is a challenge. That’s why we focus on original themes, unique creatives and high-style photography that burst through the clutter.

Jefferson’s staff serves as our models. They’re superstars to their patients, and we make them fashion-forward flawless through artful, professional photography and Photoshop® magic. We see it as a privilege to make everyday heroes sparkle, whether it’s through a lens or an article. But it all starts by building excitement for the event through our brand look. This includes unforgettable wordplay and images for everything from an oversized Save-the-Date postcard to 7-foot pop-up posters strategically placed throughout Jefferson’s campuses. It isn’t enough for us to fill every seat — we do that anyway, every year — we want everyone to feel like they’re part of something special, and our team works hard to make every aspect go from the ordinary to the extraordinary.