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Acorn Glen SEO Tracking
Terms and explanations

Change Date Range
Click on the date Range box to change the dates in order to view collected data for different time periods. After clicking apply, charts will reflect the new time period.

Unique users visiting site for time period

visits to the site, both repeat, and new users

How long a user is on the site per session (averaged)

Pages visited per session average

Traffic and Conversion Trends (forms pages):
Conversion is visitors performing a desired action or goal, in this case
forms page click

Top Conversion Locations:
Location of visitors to site converting to click to forms page

Best Traffic Sources:
How users find the site.

Most Popular Pages:
Pages listed by highest number of visits

  • Entrances:
    Entered the site from this page
  • Pageviews:
    Viewed this page, whether entering the site form
    this page or another

Visits by Device:
Percentage of visits to the site by desktop, tablet or mobile

Top Search Terms Include Words:
Search terms listed for how visitors found the website
(clicking in this box will reveal a scroll bar if there are more terms than the length of the box)