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calling all nittany lions

accent created a series of targeted videos to celebrate Penn State Harrisburg’s 50th anniversary. From inviting alumni to return to campus to a major fundraising appeal, each video had a focused message that invited viewers to take part in honoring the university.

The 50 for 50th Scholarship Campaign and its goal of impacting at least 50 students through philanthropic gifts before the end of that 50th year started with a one-minute video “tease” followed by a longer “ask” version that directed potential donors to the Penn State website for giving opportunities. From scouting campus locations for the best shots to pre-interviewing students to creating storyboards and directing and editing, accent’s creative team developed, designed and oversaw all aspects of the project from concept to postproduction. To reinforce the local Penn State flavor, we didn’t use professional voice-over talent, but opted to script and record a familiar male alumni and a female student who both connected strongly with our audience.

at a fast clip

Our one-minute, fast-paced video didn’t just engage alumni but also teased the 50 for 50th Scholarship Campaign announcement. The video debuted at the 10,500-seat Giant Center on every screen during commencement and was later seen through email blasts, social media, YouTube and Penn State’s website.

tell me about it

accent interviewed scholarship students for the full-length video and “ask” for the 50 for 50th Scholarship Campaign. We used their own words, while helping them shape them through interviews and scripting, to tell their emotional stories. Each one represented unique touchstones for alumni and the scholarship programs, including student athletes, continuing education students, those in their graduate studies, needs-based students and transfer students.

come back to campus

Our video was a call to get involved in all the exciting events celebrating the 50th anniversary. We showcased how far Penn State Harrisburg has come, including new buildings and programs. A young, energetic student gave voice to our video — and her enthusiasm became an infectious invitation for alumni to reconnect with old friends and make new ones on the thriving campus of today.